NBS Internet Marketing Services

NBS Internet Marketing Services

Basic Fees Schedule

Simple Site Setup(Assumes that text and graphics are supplied in electronic form)
Classified Advertisement$25
Single Page (A4)$125
Five Linked Pages$450
Custom Site Setup
Mail Server Activation$100
Enquiry/Order Forms$250
Additional Fields$20
Database Activation$250
Database Record StoragePOA
Site Management
Additions, Changes, Removals, etc. (per hour)$150
Simple SIte Monthly Fees
Classified Advertisement (storage and delivery)$10
Single Page (storage and delivery)$20
Five Linked Pages (storage and delivery)$65
Custom Site Monthly Fees
Storage - first 10 MB$50
- additional MB (each)$3
Delivery - first 10 MB$50
- additional MB (each)$4.5

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